Tools You Need to Begin Sewing

Sewing is an art and getting the right tools for the job means you get to try out as many different designs and patterns as you would wish. There are many different processes that you have to carry out before you can say you have finished a certain project.

sewing kitThere is measuring, cutting, sewing and shearing among others. You will need to properly learn how to use all the sewing equipment before you can embark on your project, to protect you from injuries. There are also tools that help protect you from injuries as most equipment used for sewing will be sharp and pointy.

Hand sewing needles
Sewing is mostly about getting thread through fabric, and joining the fabric together to make a garment that can be worn. Needles are best suited for the job and you will find that you will need most these if you are to get any job done.

Measuring tape
You cannot start sewing if you do not know the size of the required garment. You will need the measuring tape to get the accurate body sizes and also the right size of the fabric needed.

Seam gauge
The seam gauge comes in handy when you are turning up a hem. It can also be used as a ruler when doing small measurements.

Pins and pincushion
Pins assist you to hold the fabric in place when you are working on the other side. You will find that you will need very many of these. Due to their large number in the work station, pins have to be stored properly to avoid injuries. Stick them in the pin cushion and you do not have to worry about them injuring anybody.

Tailor’s chalk
Sometimes a water soluble pen is used. Their primary role is to make markings where you have to sew. They come in handy when the thread being used is of a very bright color and has to be in a straight line or else the complete project will not look neat.

Seam ripper
While sewing, you find that you will make a few mistakes that will require you need to rip the part you were previously working on. The seam ripper will be your go to tool here as it will rip without damaging the fabric, allowing you to try out a design or pattern as many time as you wish, until you feel that youĂ­ve got it right.

Small craft scissors
Sewing is mostly cutting and sewing back together. You will need to go cutting through fabric, adjusting it on different areas so as to get the right measurement. Scissors can also be used as a seam ripper from time to time when you have misplaced yours.

Sewing machine
This is the most important piece to have. A sewing machine helps you work faster and you find that you can take on many projects once you have the machine. It does a better job sewing than you would do with hand and is much accurate and straight.

With the right tools and training, you can create great designs and surprise yourself. If you are children are also into sewing, why not teach them how to sew. Getting the best sewing machine for a child is crucial so I advice to read Sew Uber blog as I liked how she included safe and easy models for kids to start learning.

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